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Center Work Mechanism

Preparation and implementation of training programs for students during the study period in coordination with the concerned authorities. Speaking with the government institutions and the private sector to secure suitable jobs for all alumni Follow-up graduates after the their employment recruited and evaluating the benefit of their experience.

Center Importance

Increase needed scientific skills. Develop skills that will help graduates to provide the best performance. Find and provide jobs fit in with the experiences and competencies of each graduate Help graduates to keep pace with scientific and technological progress and knowledge of modern methods of work.

How do you get the opportunity to work?

importance of employment services center is highlighted through providing the institutions of public and private sector with human competencies. The human resources are improved in order to give well outcomes that are commensurate with the requirements of evolution.

Experiential Learning and internships can greatly increase the student's chances of success in the transition after graduating In order to achieve these stages, employment center seeks to provide students with training opportunities through relevant programs and workshops.