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About The Center

Recent years have seen a continuing shift in the employment service centers at the institutions of higher education. Universities are increasingly seeking to develop a full- professional service skills. Studies have noted that this trend reflects a shift in the employment services that focuses on providing comprehensive services to students for university education, which may include :

  • Helping in writing a resume
  • Providing data base for employment (public sector / private sector).
  • Employment guidance / occupational.
  • Training to search for the right job.

most employment service centers reflect the trends mentioned above. In addition, providing the resources available in all academic stages of the student. Employment center provide the necessary guidance to the students to help them determine the resources and energies useful to them in order to provide the best profession in the future .

career services

  • How to write a CV
  • Career correspondence
  • How to Find a Job
  • Conduct basic and advanced interviews
  • Career development activities
  • Work sessions and workshops
Career fairs

Offers students and employers the opportunity to develop the acquisition of knowledge of the employment opportunities of some employment centers may seek to establish partnerships with existing institutions within their geographic region to Created shows cooperative employment and attract larger numbers of Employer